Presidents Letter June 2020


Today we reside in interesting times and hope all is well and your vineyards are the BEST EVER!!! As I drive around Reno, I see more and more backyard (or side and front) vineyards and Nevada Vines and Wines is receiving more inquiries about growing wine grapes in the Nevada.   This is such a fun endeavor and looking forward to this season.   As the 2020 season is in full swing mixed attitudes about how the vines and wine industry will fare.  Written articles have mixed reviews on what the wine industry will bring this year. It seems some articles elude to vineyard owners and wine makers are struggling, while others the overall attitude is positive that wines sales are up.   Whatever may be this year, it will be good for Nevada grapes and Nevada Vines & Wines have a positive message for a more profitable industry.

On a more fun note I have tasted some good wine lately.   A of Distributors of Wines for the Restaurant Industry has closed his business due to the current condition of many restaurants and casinos being closed for so long.  He had wines from many countries. The Argentinean wines were excellent as well as Italian and French.  Sorry to see any business close.  This gentleman was also wanting to move to another chapter in his life, so the timing was good.  Nevada Vines and Wines wish him well and hopes your future is filled with the changes hoped.

As many of you know Nevada Vines and Wines is the entity responsible for the judging of the best of the best Nevada Wines.  The judging will take place on Friday June 26 for Commercial Wines and on Saturday June 27 for Home Wines.  The awards for these winners will be presented on Sunday August 23 as a combined effort for the Backyard Vineyard Tour and The Vinny Awards.  The location is TBD.  As many of you are aware, this event can bring a few hundred people, but this year NV&W must be cautious.  Working out the details as time progresses, we will keep you informed.


Exciting times we live in and Nevada Vines & Wines continues to grow the industry of Viticulture and Enology and hopes all your endeavors are a huge success.  Nevada Vines and Wines looks forward to your continued support of the last 10 years.    NV&W has made this our mission to create education and alliance with the legislature to help your efforts to be a success.


June 2020 has been an enduring month.  FROST late in the year is one of the challenges of growing wines grapes in Nevada.  Netting can help with this problem. But is very costly.  Hope most or all your vines escaped the frost.


Nevada Vines & Wines will be sending out surveys for the Backyard Vineyard Tour to get responses of vineyard owners have with regards to visitors in their vineyards this August.  Please respond as to the survey so we can plan or not this event.

Thank you and be safe and healthy.

Miss all of you.


Teri Bath President

Nevada Vines & Wines

The Wineries on 4th are back open safely and in accordance with all rules.  

Your safety is important to us !  We have both outdoor and indoor seating with social distancing and sanitized areas for you to relax and enjoy a great glass or bottle of wine.

Our hours are:    4 – 7 pm Thursday, 4 – 8 pm Friday,  2 – 8 pm on Saturdays and Sunday 1 – 5 pm.

Nevada Sunset has some new releases — 330 ml cans of red, white and sangria as well as hand sanitizer. Please come visit and support your local Reno Winery !



I hope many of you are in the vineyard distracting yourselves from the troubles of the world. Soon our many businesses and social efforts will be defined, and we can resume a kind of normal. The vines are ignoring the pandemic and just growing so all can enjoy the fruits of our labor. In my case the fruits of vineyard owners, although I will help if asked.

May flowers bring sweet grapes for the Fall. Nevada Vines and Wines has exciting news. Kathy Halbardier and her panel of judges have chosen dates for the judging of Nevada Wines. The judging will take place on Saturday, June 27. If any of you would like to submit wine for this judging, the cutoff date is extended to Friday, May 26. Please register your wines online (http://www.nvandw.com/2019-winemakers-competition/) prior to 5 pm on May 26 to be qualified. The wines must be delivered to the address 2560 Granite Springs Rd, Reno, NV 89519 by 6 days following the cutoff date (Monday June 1, 2020). The Vinny Awards celebration will be combined with the Backyard Vineyard Tour on the weekend of August 22 and 23, 2020. The closing ceremony of the Vineyard Tour and the celebration of our Vinny Award winners will be held simultaneously on the afternoon of Sunday, August 23, 2020 at a location TBD.

On behalf of the board and myself, we have missed all our members and would like to plan a gathering. However, it truly depends on how recovery and resiliency planning sustained in the next months ahead. At present, the board is working on following the guidelines recommended for social gatherings. Nevada Vines and Wines would like to plan a virtual tasting, possibly June or July, with a chef to pair wine and food. More to come.

Prepping the vineyard and weeding in anticipation of the growing season is the concern of vineyard owners and growers during these past few months and now going forward. In Nevada, vineyards and gardeners can be fooled by the warm days and high temperatures, but as many Nevadans are acutely aware frost and snow can happen into late June. Hope that weeding is a great experience and not to hard on the back and knees – as many of you know I tend to drift towards the drinking side of the industry.

On a high note, we are happy to share the upcoming opening of Artesian Cellars on Hwy 160 as you enter into Pahrump. Help us celebrate this momentous occasion with Tim and Pam. Well wishes and congratulation messages can be shared through their website is www.artesiancellars.com.

Nevada Vines & Wines would like to remind our members to visit our local wine businesses who have been seriously affected by the recent economic trials of this awful virus:

· The 4th Street Wineries are located at 415 E 4th Street Wineries, Reno.

· Vino 100 located 1131 Steamboat PKWY, Reno 775.851.8466.

· Engine 8 1260 Ave of the Oaks Ste 150 Sparks, 775.851.8466.

Nevada Vines and Wines likes all to support as many local businesses as possible. Thank you continued for our support.

For those of you who have not renewed your 2020 membership, feel free to go to our website Home Page and choose either New membership or Renewal or Upgrade Membership on the left column.



Wine Sale!


Wonderful News:  Wines sales as well as alcohol sales are climbing as the quarantine

has moved from a couple of weeks to almost a month.  Seems a little wine can make the soul feel lighter.

Check out this article:




I would also like to share that two of our special members have decided to donate 45 cases of wine.


Description below:


2017 Malbec Rose  produced from a 5 acre 6 yr old Malbec Vineyard in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.  The grapes are the same as were used to make a Silver Medal winning 92 pt barrel fermented Malbec.  The wine was produced by Abdul Aziz a French wine maker living in San Rafael.  We made 1000 liters and aged for 1 yr in stainless tanks.  Very nice dry French style with a bright light red hue. 12% alcohol.


Sheryl Eilenfeld and Chuck Harder are donating to the club for a fund raiser.  If a member buys a case of wine for $50.00 a case, Nevada Vines and Wines will buy gift cards from local restaurants and give away these gift cards our tastings.  If you are interested, please contact me and I will arrange for the case to be picked up. Please visit our website and pay with Pay Pal or send payment to:

Teri Bath

2560 Granite Springs Rd

Reno, Nv 89519.

Purchase Cases of wine here

Nevada Vines and Wines will buy gift cards from local restaurants and give them away at our tastings.

How many Cases?




As I write this message, I am feeling our world is in recovery mode and entering a whole new era. I hope you are all healthy and being safe.

As I research the many wine regions, it seems many of the tasting rooms and vineyards are having curbside pickup or delivering to your door.

Industries and businesses are reinventing their business practices to accommodate either wine club members or customers.

The one happy place for now is the vineyards, or fermenting, or as I prefer, having a glass of peace.

However you find joy during this pandemic, let’s have a little honey for the soul.  It seems there has emerged new methods of social gathering with our friends and neighbors, “

Virtual Tasting”. Thru social media outlets such as Zoom, Skype, Blue Jeans, or many other popular sites, many of us are meeting and having wine via our laptop, tablets, or on our phones.

This interim method of gathering is teaching me a new form of communication.  I still prefer having wine with all of you in person,

but for now, we can settle for less coming together in a crowd and meeting and socializing virtually.  Let’s just hope this pandemic ends soon.


Nevada Vines and Wines will not be having an in- person social event in the month of April for obvious reasons, and hope fully we can come together in May.

I am thinking (weather permitting) an outside event, more about this as I work on a location.


The judging of Nevada Wines has been postponed for a month due to obvious reason and will judge as soon as it is safe.

The Vinny Awards will also have to be postponed. New dates and time forthcoming.

I would like to share a picture of the new tasting room in Pahrump that is waiting to open.

Picture above:  Location:  1731 S Nv 160 Pahrump, NV



Opening has been postponed due to virus.

The board is tentatively working on judging our state wines and hoping for a tentatively having the Vinny Awards in June.  Stay tuned for updates.


As many of us head into the recovery stage of our world please be safe and Healthy.

We are hoping all of our members will renew and hopefully tasting and education will be back soon.

I miss all of you and remember, if you need anything please ask and if any of the board can help, we are here.



Message from the President:



Welcome to 2020!  The Roaring 20’s are back and Nevada Vines & Wines would like to wish each and every one of you a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.


Nevada Vines & Wines is excited to announce a new board member – Craig DeGiovanni, an exciting addition to the 2020 Board.   Two others were re-elected – myself as your President and Adrian Dyette.  Both of us were re-elected to the board for the next two years and hope to receive your support for the 2020 wine tastings and other events that are exciting and beneficial for the prospering wine industry in Nevada.

Nevada Vines & Wines would like to welcome a new 2-acre vineyard located in South Reno at Montreux on Bordeaux Drive.  Dennis & Tina De La Montanya are the owners and invited to speak at the February wine tasting on Thursday, February 13 in honor of Valentine’s Day with location TBD.  Nevada Vines & Wines is excited to launch the 2020 New Year with the De La Montanya presentation and tasting – welcoming both our new and returning members.

This is the time of year the vineyards are resting and storing up for great fruit development in anticipation of the 2020 harvest season.  Many of the viticulturists are preparing the vineyards for those juicy mouthwatering grapes to produce some fantastic wine making in the fall.

We would like to encourage all of our members to return as ambassadors for the roaring 20’s year and become actively involved.


I just returned from a road trip to Houston and in my travels witnessed many wine tasting rooms along the way in these Southern States.   It has become quite the nationwide industry with each state offering new wineries along the interstates for visitors and travelers to enjoy.  I stopped in Pahrump on the way back and visited 2 very interesting and diverse tasting rooms and toured an upcoming tasting room which will launch 1st quarter 2020.






Ambassador member; a new, higher-level of Membership just approved by the board of directors – for 2020. Our organization’s highest-level.  As you’d expect, Ambassador members receive special benefits. When you renew at the Ambassador level, in addition to the one-year of Membership at this higher level, you’ll be receive many freebies and be recognized throughout the upcoming year as an Important Member of NV&W.

Ambassador Level Benefits Include:

  • Free admission to our Regular Wine Tastings and new Educational Get-Togethers
  • Special Ambassador pricing for events, such as our Valentines Tasting, and the Tour de Vines Tour & Celebration
  • Access to member only discounts, educational resources, and programs
  • Special member only events

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