Upcoming Nevada Vines & Wines Fall Happenings


Monthly Tasting

  • Oct 19th





Join us for our monthly wine tasting, Thursday, October 19, 2017, 5:30 PM at the Wineries on 4th Street.  Reno’s newest wineries and 1st urban wineries, 415 E. 4th Street, Reno NV.

General Membership Meeting

  • November 16th


General Membership Meeting

NV&W Holiday Celebration

  • December 16th

NV&W Holiday Celebration


Nevada Vines & Wines Summer/Fall Happenings


Sunset Nevada Winery

We are excited to announce that Nevada’s first urban winery and the first new winery in many years is open for business.    All of our advocating and hard work has started to pay off.   Join Mike and Alynn in making their dream a success and show others that success is possible.  Basin & Range Winery and Great Basin Winery will also open soon at the same location.

August Tasting

  • August 24th

We are excited to announce that we will have a wine tasting at the new Nevada Sunset Winery  at 415 E. 4th Street, Suite B.  We’ll see you on Thursday, August 24th,  at 5:30 pm.   Mike Steedman, one of the owners of Nevada Sunset,  will be our speaker and will have a very nice pouring.  As normal we ask a Donation to offset coats: $10.00 Non-NV&W members and $5.00 Members.

Nevada Vines & Wines Summer Happenings

July Wine Tasting

  • July 20th

NV&W will host its July wine tasting at the Nevada Sunset Winery on 415 East 4th Street, Suite B , Reno at 5:30 pm.  The location will house several wineries and owners of Nevada Sunset Winery, have invited us to the new venue.  Bill Staehlin from the Sacramento Home Winemakers will be our guest speaker.

Lakeridge Lifesyles Magazine  

 invites NV&W to their tasting

  • July 27th

Held at Reno Vino, next to The Grill at Quail Corners from 6 to 8pm.  Details and RSVP at (775) 544-3551

Letter from President on vineyard tour

  • August 5th

Dear Vineyard Participants and members;

Due to extreme unforeseen circumstances the Vineyard Tour Committee has deemed it imperative to cancel the Vineyard Tour and after party.  (see the full letter on the link above)

Nevada Vines & Wines Spring Happenings


Twin Mustang Vineyards Vines-to-Wines Tour and Tasting

  • April 29th

Due to weather interrupting of our Churchill Winery tour we are switching gears in April and having a home vineyard and wine making tour at Twin Mustang Vineyards with Jason and Debi Schultz. They will take guests from their Reno/Sparks area home vineyard (2-10 year old vines) to their small garage-turned-winery, where they have barrels and carboys filled with wine and all the associated equipment required to get the job done. Come see how it works and feel free to ask questions about the process, and taste some El Dorado Co. wines and snack of cheese & crackers. The public is invited.

 Home Wine Making Awards Celebration and Wine Tasting

  • May 18th

Join for the NV&W Home Wine Making Awards Celebration and Wine Tasting.  Winners will be receiving their ribbons and pouring their wines.
 2017 Winners List

Members and Guests Wine Tasting, Snack and Tour at Churchill Vineyards

May 20th

The wine and spirits tasting at Churchill Vineyards and Frey Ranch Distillery is now May 20, 12:30 to 3 PM at 1045 Dodge Ln. Fallon, NV 89406.   Colby and Ashley Frey will be sharing their fine wines and great spirits, and NV&W will be providing hors d’oeuvre.  No charge and members may bring guests.  Be sure to update your RSVP with Mary Sauvola, on Facebook, or here on our events page. Non-Members can join at the event or now, here on the website.  Members and invited guests.

 Wine Academy

NV&W is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Joseph Bernardo and Bill Coplin in their formation of a” Wine Academy”.    This supports our mission statement, to promote and expand the presence of Vineyards and Wine Making in our community.  They will be starting a new Adopt-a-Vine Program at Bill and Joe’s vineyards with future vineyards to be added as needed.  Their school will be teaching from the basics of growing grapes to making the wine.  Participants will manage a small portion of a vineyard and reap most of the benefits (wine).  It will be taught in both classroom and the vineyard, from ground to vine, and from vine to bottle.  We will welcome any and all who are interested in growing their own grapes or making wine to check us out.  All participants must be members of  NV&W, or join when they begin classes.  Joe and Bill will be presenting their plans at our March 16th wine tasting. Come hear them if you are interested.


1:00 pm Saturday, March 18
At Joe Bernardo’s, 43 Mule Deer Court
775-750-1801 or 775-345-7556

The 1st session will overview the basics of caring for vines and the wine making process.

2017 Nevada Vines & Wines Homemade Wine Competition

Entries are now closed

It’s time to get your entries ready for the 2107 Nevada Vines & Wines Homemade Wine Competition.  Drop them off or mail them to the Reno Homebrewer on 2335 Dickerson Rd, Reno 89503, with the entry form.  Each entry is again $10.  Pay here on the web site or include a check when you drop them off. Start dropping off entries on March 1st, with the last day for submitting your entries being April 1st.   Please download the forms and print the last 2 pages as needed.




Education Resources Page

To make it easier for those wanting to enhance their career or just their skills in Viticulture (vineyards) and/or Enology (wine making) we have added an education resources page to our site.

Currently we have just listed links to programs and courses, but in the future we will recommend books and videos, along with local education opportunities.


Help us  with your tax deductible membership to Nevada Vines & Wines

Your help has been instrumental in growing the wine making industry in Nevada.  Two years ago Nevada laws were opened up to allow wine production in Washoe and Clark Counties. This year Washoe County has implemented those changes in county ordinances resulting in several wineries beginning the startup process. We were there all along to help this process.  In the upcoming year we hope to encourage others to take the leap, resulting in more jobs and a stronger and more diverse Nevada economy. Help us make this happen by join us with a membership. In addition to helping us fund our efforts, a membership allows you to:

  • Enter your wines into our annual wine competition
  • Participation in member’s only events
  • Receive 50% discount on our monthly wine tastings
  • Participate in numerous events including our Backyard Vineyard Tour, Vineyard and Winemaking 101 classes,  vineyard and winery trips and more.

The website is now ready to take your dues. This year we have made a few changes to membership cost and structure. A single membership is still only $25. The Family membership_formmembership has been reduced to $40, but the WineMaker Magazine is not included at this price. Since many people commented that they didn’t want the magazine, we have made it an add-on option with the family membership at $50 total. Pay with PayPal or Credit Card on our site, or print this form and mail it with your check