Regulation and Permiting

Regulation is a part of any industry with wineries being no exception. In navigating your way through all the required permits, applications and so forth you will see that there is much to do to get started and continue running a winery on the administrative side. You start with the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau) to set up your account with them. It is mostly electronic documents but there are many requirements such as a site plan showing your location, winery, distances to other structures and property lines. They ask for all your legal documents such as LLC Agreement, Corporation documents, however you set up you entity. There are many of their own attachments you will need to fill out and attach. You will be given a “folder” to download and manage all the required documents. Once that is complete you will have to get with Washoe County and figure out what requirements they have given your zone, water and waste service, buildings being constructed or altered; the list is quite long. Once you start the application process with them, or the Cities of Sparks or Reno, you can apply concurrently with the NV State Gaming and Liquor Division. Once you have finished all these processes its time to get started on the construction or alteration. Once that is finished and you have final approvals you can get started with the wine making business itself. All Departments/ Divisions will need to be notified of any change of address or partners/ members in your business yearly. Ongoing paperwork is required every year, or quarter if you are a large producer, to keep track of every gallon made, bought, or otherwise put in your winery and all outgoing amounts as well. This is how they keep track of how to tax you at the Federal and State levels.


There is much to talk about at the beginning with choosing a site or commercial space. Many things are required of the parcel or space for compliance with all local codes and amendments. Randi Thompson and I will be presenting the first steps to getting started and changes still needed in current codes and amendments at NV&W’s next wine tasting on Jan 19th at 5:30 pm at the former Garden Shop Nursery off Mayberry. We encourage all interested parties to attend whether you are thinking of going commercial or just interested in how we are starting this new and exciting industry here in Northern Neveda.

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