February News Letter

News from Nevada Vines & Wines….

Monthly Wine Tastings: Join us Thursday, February 16 at Garden Shop Nursery (Former) 3636 Mayberry Drive, Reno at 5:30 pm.  Cost is $5.00 members and $10.00 for non-members. This month we will host a presentation and  wine tasting by Samantha Stone who is introducing “Grape Basin News” a new online wine publication focused on Northwester Nevada.



Also in February an Exclusive Screening of “Decanted. A Winemaker’s Journey” and a Valentines Wine and Champagne Tasting.  It is Sunday, 12 February 4-7 pm Midtown Wine Bar on 1527 South Virginia

Your invited, but …….. TICKETS ARE SURE TO SELL OUT FAST!
$75.00 a person  Sponsored by the Nevada Wine Coalition and Grape Basin News


More reasons to join NV&W:

Adopt-a-Vine and make your own wine:
N &W is pleased announce that we have partnered with Joseph Bernardo and Bill Copeland with the formation of a” Wine Academy”.  Per our mission statement, to promote and expand the presence of Vineyards and Wine Making in our community. They will be starting a new Adopt -a-Vine program at Bill and Joe’s vineyards and at future vineyards, to be added as needed.  Their school will be teaching from the basics of growing grapes to making the wine.  It will be a class from, ground to vine, and from vine to bottle. We will welcome any and all who are interested in growing grapes or making wine to check us out. Stay tuned… More information to come. All participants must be a member of NV & W.

Bulk Vine Purchase:

Nevada Vines & Wines is offering a group buying opportunity of new vines this year. Many of you already know that the nurseries prefer to see vines in batches of 25 or more. Group buying allows us to pool orders. If you are interested in participating, please forward your request to uncorkingnevada@gmail.com or contact Sheryl at 775-342-3714 if you have any questions.  Joe Bernardo has graciously offered to pool the orders. Orders must be received by February 15. Joe will not know exact prices till we have a count of each type of vines orders. They run approximately $2.50 per vine. If you want vine shelters, they are about 40 cents each.

http://inlanddesert.com/current availability/


Please read below on how to join or renew your membership!


Annual Club membership dues are $50.00 per household for both renewing and new members which includes a magazine subscription to WineMaker magazine, or an annual club membership of $40.00 per household, or $25.00 for an individual membership, which does not include magazine subscription. Dues are valid for the calendar year.

Your annual membership entitles you to the following: (Tax Deductible)
· Entering your wines into our annual wine competition;
· Participation in member’s only events

Numerous events including Backyard Vineyard Tour, Winemaking 101 classes, monthly wine tastings, adopt-a-vine, and more
You can join or renew online at http://www.nvandw.com by credit card or mail your check (with below form) to Nevada Vines and Wines, P.O. Box 18674, Reno NV 89511, questions: contact Sheryl Eilenfeldt at uncorkingnevada.com or 775-342-3714

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