About Us

We have a great opportunity to build a wine industry in Nevada, and you can help us make it happen! Our mission is to “to educate and promote viticulture and wine production in Nevada”, with a vision that “Nevada is recognized as a wine grower and producer”.

We are all volunteers and serve to educated both the commercial and home winemakers in Nevada, and to encourage local farms to explore grape production; grapes when drip irrigated only require 1/6 the amount of water that corn and grain crops require. In addition to educating we are an advocate to local and state governments to reduce the barriers to the wine industry. We helped change state laws in recent legislative years to allow wineries to be established in Clark and Washoe Counties. We would next like to reduce restrictions on production, retail sales, and distribution.

Help us by join as a member (home page) and participate in our wine tastings and fundraising events. We are a non-profit 501 c(3) so your donations and membership dues are tax deductible.