About Us

Nevada Vines and Wines was formed to promote the growth and development of a wine industry, both viticulture (vineyards) and enology (winemaking), in the state of Nevada.

We have a great opportunity to build a wine industry in Nevada, and you can help us make it happen! We are collaborating with the University of Nevada, Reno to make a vineyard involving 10 acres of land. With this land we hope to produce tons of grapes (literally tons) which will be made into some very tasty wine. In addition to planting the vineyard, our long term goal is to put in a winery and wine-tasting room.  Not only do we hope to make some great wine, but our organization also hopes to encourage growers and winemakers to create their own vineyards, especially here in Reno.

In addition to helping develop a commercial wine presences in Nevada, we are also here to help the home winemakers and grape growers succeed in their wine adventures.