GDD Project

Northwest Nevada Growing Degree Day Project

Help us record the wine growing degree days (GDD) in Northwest Nevada.  Send us your average yearly GDD, elevation, and address (we won’t post addresses) and we’ll record it on our webpage to provide a record of growing degree days around the area.  See the explanation below this table to calculate your GDD from April through October. Knowing your average growing degree days is a factor in determining varietals appropriate for your site.  The information presented here is provided to help determine GDD’s in neighborhoods around Northwest Nevada.  It is not intended to provide a definitive evaluation for your site.  You should do your owned study of the weather data available for the surrounding neighborhood and consult a nursery specializing in viticulture for recommended varietals suitable to your location.  Contact NV&W for the methodology of a GDD survey or for recommendations of who can perform the survey for you.  To find the GDD for a particular location scroll over the marker on the map below to display the location number and then refer to table for the information for the marker.

To calculate GDD, first determine the mean temperature for the day. This is usually done by taking the maximum and minimum temperatures for the day, adding them together and dividing by 2. The base temperature (50) is then subtracted from the mean temperature to give a daily GDD.  For the yearly GDD sum all positive daily GDDs for the months of  April through the end of October.  Provided us your Average Yearly GDD from all years that you have recorded along with which years are included in your average.  Data can be gathered from nearby weather stations or recorded from yours.


Nevada GDD Map Generated from