Wine Academy

 Wine Academy

We are pleased to announce that Joseph Bernardo and Bill Coplin have formed a “wine academy” and we are proud to be one of the sponsors.  This supports our mission statement, to promote and expand the presence of Vineyards and Wine Making in our community.  The academy incorporates an adopt-a-vine concept at Bill and Joe’s vineyards with future vineyards to be added as needed.  The school teaches from the basics of growing grapes to making the wine.  Participants manage a small portion of a vineyard and reap most of the benefits (wine).  The classes start with the ground and then to the vine, and then from vine to bottle.  All are welcome who are interested in growing their own grapes or making wine, so check it out.  All participants must be current members of  NV&W, or may join when they begin classes.  A fee is charged to cover class materials, tastings, snacks, and lunches when there is a long day.



Contact Joe Bernardo

775-750-1801 or 775-345-7556

43 Mule Deer Court, Reno NV 89523

Online Application

Printable Application






2018 Instruction


2018 Class Schedule

  • December 15th – 1:00 to 3:00 PM –  43 Mule Deer Ct (Bottle, Cork, foil, label, take wine home)



2019 Instruction

 • The 2019 class fee will be $150 for per individual or $250 per couple

• Cutoff for application and payment is March 1st 2019

• Participants must be 21 years of age unless pre-coordinated

• Participants must possess a copy of From Vines to Wines (5th Edition): by Jeff Cox


2019 Class Schedule

MARCH 16,  1 PM       Introductions and greetings

APRIL 20,   10 AM     Tending Vines Growth, bud -break and etc.

MAY 25, 1 PM     Pruning, watering and irrigation systems

June 1st, 1 PM     Pruning, watering and irrigation systems (makeup)

JUNE 15,  1 PM     Weeding, suckering and final pruning

JULY 20, 1 PM     Leaf pulling, berries drop, and final touch up

AUGUST 17, 10 AM     Tying up all vines, watering, water change and netting

SEPTEMBER 21, 1 PM     Test Brix for Sugars, talk about harvest or (harvest) Crush and de-stem if ready

OCTOBER 19, 10 AM     Pick if not done before, begun  the process of wine making

NOVEMBER 16,  1 PM      Testing wine, PH, acid and SO2 review testing and reasons

DECEMBER 21, 10 AM     Rack and taste wines, determine to add oak or not, and maybe bottle if needed, TAKE WINE HOME AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

JANUARY 18, 10 AM     Check all wines, finish bottling and review all information you learned.  What would make class better for my benefit for future class.

– Class time and work schedule adjustments may be needed to accommodate harvest schedule, punch down and wine pressing –


Last Schedule Update 5/15/2019