WineMaker Magazine

The Board has changed the way we offer WineMaker Magazine.  We are no longer going to offer it as an upgrade from the family membership (those individuals that opted for the family membership plus magazine up through 19 Jan 2018 will still receive it this year as part of that offer).  One of the problems that we had in the past was not limiting the upgraded offer to that start of the new year.  We didn’t have a way of fulfilling the upgraded membership after Feb 28.

Starting in 2018 we will offer the magazine at a special price to members and friends at $17.95 up through February 14th of the year.  After that date we will submit our order to the publisher, and then you will receive the 6 printed issues (a yearly subscription is for one year (6 printed issues)).  If you would like to take advantage of this offer please click Add to Cart below and pay by credit card or using Paypal.  Make sure that you enter your entire name and US address when you pay, so we can tell the publisher were it should be mailed.  If you don’t enter an address, we’ll send it to the one on file with paypal.  The publisher is not accept non-US orders with this offer.  If you wish to pay by check or money order print the form below, completely fill it out  and mail it with your payment to the designated address.  USPS payments must be received by February 4th in order that the check clears the bank before we submit our order.

$17.95 USD

Organization Subscriptions have been halted for 2018 and will be reopened in the winter for 2019.